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Label Resizer FBA Feature Series #2 - "Separator Label" and "Item Number" Options

E-commerce business has expanded greatly in recent years and great potential to grow further in 2019. To reflect, the yearly sales volume in E-commerce business is roughly over $2 trillion and is expected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2021 ( Statista Report ). The volume of product sales in Amazon is $141.92 billion in 2018 and has individual sellers more than 2.5 million . More interestingly, more than 1.1 million new sellers are expected to enter Amazon market place.  As seen, the competition in Amazon is tough and necessitates the use of effective ways and tools to increase your sales and to attain customer loyalty to your products. The ultimate objective is to drive traffic to your product listing to secure your sales and revenue. However, receiving orders for your products is not enough in itself, you need to fulfill the product delivery process in a complete and error-free manner to gain customer loyalty and positive product reviews. Here are the unique features of Label Resiz

Label Resizer FBA Feature Series #1 - "Add Free Text Option"

Increasing your FBA sales is a tough process and you need to employ different forms of communication tools and methods to attract your customers. Here is the unique future of Label Resizer to support your FBA business: " Add Free Text to Labels Option".  Label Resizer enables you to add any informative Header, Footer and Side Texts on your product labels. You can employ these free texts to enhance your FBA business. Here are the tips and practices to help you to boost your sales through Label Resizer Free Text option. However, the following practices are not limited. The only limit is your imagination.  As the first practice, you can simply add your company name as an header text to enhance your company awareness among your customers. More importantly, the name of your company on your labels works as your signature and eliminates the possibility of shipment of your products to other individuals bought the same product from other FBA sellers. Furthermore, you may giv

Best Thermal Label Printers for Amazon FBA Sellers

Being an Amazon FBA sellers necessitates to use proper techniques, applications and equipments to boost your sales in Amazon. Therefore, we would like to support your Amazon FBA operations through providing clear inputs and suggestions. To this end, we would like to provide an informative discussion about the choice of proper thermal printer for your Amazon FBA sales.           As known, thermal label printers enable Amazon FBA sellers to print out shipping and product labels on sticky papers that can be easily attached on shipping boxes and products. More importantly, you just need to replace the label roll composed of thermochromic papers into your thermal printer to start your label printings. You don’t need any other stuffs like ink, ribbons, toners or cartridge as in inkjet printers. The product or shipping information on your labels with easily scannable barcodes clearly assist you throughout your all Amazon FBA seller operations. Major question is “How to choose best fi