Customize FBA Box and Shipping Labels with Label Resizer

This article dives into features provided by Label Resizer, which provide customized Amazon FBA Box and Shipping labels. Here are the unique features of Label Resizer that will help you to ease the FBA shipping preparation process and eliminate any failures: 

Print with Any Thermal Label Sizes 
Amazon only support thermal label size of 4 x 6 Inches for FBA Box and Shipping labels. Other solutions in the market only provide limited thermal label sizes. However, Label Resizer supports any thermal label sizes in Imperial and Metric systems. Just type width and height of your thermal label.

Box and Shipping Labels on Avery FBA UP Labels
We have listed most common paper/sticker type label sizes. You can use Label Resizer's unique features and print your Box and Shipping labels on Avery papers with inkjet and laser printers. If you do have different FBA UP label type, just reach us and then we can add your FBA UP format to the list. 

Customize FBA Box and Shipping Labels with Label Resizer

Complete Guide for Thermal Printers' Setup

Printing FBA labels through thermal printers requires proper printer setup to get readable barcodes. This guide will eliminate this need and detail steps of printing labels through Label Resizer with your Dymo or Zebra thermal printer.

Label Resizer customizes and generates your labels in line your preferences in seconds directly from your Seller Central Account. To do this, you can use either browser extensions or web page upload methodology of Label Resizer. (Try out 1 Month Unlimited Free Trial with No Need Credit Card.)

Following two sections list the printer setup steps for a Dymo LabelWriter and a Zebra thermal printers. No need for ink or toner for thermal printers, since they use heat to print labels. You just need to buy thermal roll papers suitable for your printer.  

Dymo Thermal Printer Size Setup
To adjust printer setup you can follow the following steps for your operating system:

For Windows Users
Go to Control Panelthen Devices and
Printers Right click on your printer and Choos…

Generic Warning Labels for Box Content

This article focuses on labeling your shipping boxes with informative and warning box content labels. To this end, Label Resizer has so called "Generic Labels" option to eliminate any failures and mistakes in your product and box labeling.

Label Resizer enables e-commerce sellers to print crucial warning and informative Generic Labels on either thermal or Avery type labels. You have wide variety options for Generic Labels together with full customization in adjusting your warning labels' sizes. We support both Inch and Metric systems to determine your label sizes. Generic Labels feature has great potential in limiting any possible failures and mistakes in your delivery process. To stick informative warning signs on your product packages enables you to prevent any disputes and legal issues with your customers and shipping providers like Amazon FBA. To reflect;

Shipping Lithium Battery
Shipping providers, like USPS, necessitate sellers to put the lithium battery mark on addre…

Streamline FBA Process with Amazon Supply Chain Connect

As an FBA seller, the proper tools are needed (1) to save your time and (2) to more focus on growing on your FBA business. However, receiving orders is not enough in itself, you need to fulfill the product delivery process in a complete and error-free manner. To this end, Amazon has introduced another convenient way named as the Supply Chain Connect feature for FBA sellers to fulfill their shipments.

Amazon Supply Chain Connect

Supply Chain Connect enables FBA sellers to ship their inventory  to Amazon fulfillment centers directly from their suppliers. You just need provide access to Supply Chain Connect to your suppliers. The new FBA shipping program has great benefits: 
FBA suppliers, like manufacturers, freight forwarders and wholesalers, attain access to the Supply Chain Connect portal, where they can process any FBA shipments with greater accuracy.Prompt email notification mechanism informs suppliers when FBA shipments are ready. Process eliminates the burden of back-and-forth commun…

Pricing Change Effective 2020 January 1st - Last Opportunity to subscribe to Label Resizer with the Current Prices and Special %20 Discounts for the first 3 months

Since the launch of Label Resizer in 2018, we have been working hard to provide a rich set of features at a very affordable price for our users. As the number of our enterprise customers grows, the demand for resources increases. To answer the increasing demand from our enterprise customer, moving forward, we are going into an adjustment for our prices to keep the best quality of the service in the market. This change will not affect our current users.

Here are the pricing changes that will be effective starting January 1, 2020

1. A new plan called "the Professional Plan" for $15 will be rolled out
We are adding a new paid plan named the Professional Plan where our users would print up to 10,000 FNSKU labels and 1000 shipping labels per month.The price of this plan will be $15. The Professional Plan is introduced to address our customers whose usage is not enough to justify buying the Unlimited Plan. 
2. The Unlimited Plan will be $50
Our unlimited plan is introduced for our clie…

Print Customized FBA Labels with Ink Jet or Laser Printers through Label Resizer

Don't you have a thermal printer to support your Amazon FBA business? Don't worry! Label Resizer introduces a new feature for Amazon FBA sellers especially with limited budget to fulfill their FBA operations.

Label Resizer now enables FBA sellers to customize and print their FBA labels on most common FBA UP Labels (Avery type labels) through their Ink Jet or Laser Printers just like Thermal Printers. Therefore, you do not need to buy thermal printer to employ extensive and unique features of Label Resizer. Just buy your preferred size FBA UP Labels and load them on your Ink Jet or Laser Printers. The rest is to employ unique features of Label Resizer.

Label Resizer supports the following FBA UP labels for Product and Shipment Labels with different sizes options, which are commonly employed by Amazon FBA sellers:

Using FBA UP labels with your Ink Jet or Laser Printers does not limit you in employing Label Resizer Unique Features. You can still
Upload your Amazon PDF on our websit…

Label Resizer FBA Feature Series #3 - "Print Complete Title" and "Generic Labels" Options

As a FBA seller, you need to employ proper tools to save your time and to more focus on growing on your FBA business. The main FBA target is to drive traffic to product listings to secure FBA sales and revenue.However, receiving orders for your products is not enough in itself, you need to fulfill the product delivery process in a complete and error-free manner. This article dives into features provided by Label Resizer, which definitely supports your FBA success. 

Here are the unique features of Label Resizer that will help you to ease the FBA shipping preparation process and eliminate any failures and mistakes in your product labeling: (1) "Print Complete Title" and(2) "Generic Labelsoptions.  Print Complete TitleAmazon generates all product labels and barcodes in the same PDF file for all different products and for distinct customers. More importantly, Amazon shortens product titles on FBA labels. This in turn necessitates you to double check your product descri…