New Feature: Create Your Own Label Designs with the Label Editor

Are you ready for great news? Our Label Editor is online and ready to create your own label templates. Now you can design a custom label that perfectly reflects your product and your brand name. In this blog, you see a couple of designs generated by the Label Editor.

You can grab the attention of your customers with your own label design. Label Editor enables you to generate new label formats compatible with all thermal, inkjet, or laser printers. Furthermore, you can print them on any thermal, Avery sticker, and Up thermal labels.

Label Editor makes it easy to create your own labels with full flexibility. Moreover, you can use your label designs with Label Resizer Excel, pdf web upload, and extension modules. As soon as you save your label templates, your designs will be ready to use with our extension and web upload methodologies.

Create your professional quality labels with no need for graphic design experience. You can customize your label template for any occasion in just a few clicks. You have the full flexibility to determine your label components, locate them wherever you want, and adjust the size. The only limit is your imagination. Furthermore, you can add any static texts or warning icons to reflect your compliance with the guidelines of 
intermediaries such as Amazon and to inform your customers about your product quality, safety, or reliability.

Here are the major simple steps to design and print your labels:
  • Determine your label type and size.
  • Upload your logo, background color, any images, or graphics assets. 
  • Customize your template by adding, deleting, resizing, or locating the label components.
  • Save your label design and select your saved label templates whenever you use web upload or extension. That is it. 
You just need to follow our simple How-To steps or watch our tutorial videos to create your own designs with Label Editor. If you need new features, please let us know at