Customize FBA Box and Shipping Labels with Label Resizer

This article dives into features provided by Label Resizer, which provide customized Amazon FBA Box and Shipping labels. Here are the unique features of Label Resizer that will help you to ease the FBA shipping preparation process and eliminate any failures: 

Print with Any Thermal Label Sizes 
Amazon only support thermal label size of 4 x 6 Inches for FBA Box and Shipping labels. Other solutions in the market only provide limited thermal label sizes. However, Label Resizer supports any thermal label sizes in Imperial and Metric systems. Just type width and height of your thermal label.

Box and Shipping Labels on Avery FBA UP Labels
We have listed most common paper/sticker type label sizes. You can use Label Resizer's unique features and print your Box and Shipping labels on Avery papers with inkjet and laser printers. If you do have different FBA UP label type, just reach us and then we can add your FBA UP format to the list. 

Customize FBA Box and Shipping Labels with Label Resizer
Label Resizer enables you to add informative inputs on your FBA Box Labels. Amazon adds shortened product SKUs just on product FBA labels. However, FBA sellers also need to see full SKU, product title and maybe some extra note on FBA Box labels to to eliminate any  mistake in shipping. Otherwise, you need to give more attention and time to figure out which label belongs to which box. 
  • Add Complete Product Title: Label Resizer enables you to insert Complete Product Title on FBA Box Labels. Thus, you do not need to look somewhere else or to frequently scan your labels to understand what you have put in your boxes. 
  • Add Complete SKUs on Box Labels: Amazon adds just shortened SKUs of product on FBA Box labels. However, FBA sellers need to have complete SKUs details on FBA Box labels to send correct ordered products. To this end, Label Resizer provides you the option to add complete SKUs on Box labels. 
  • Any Free Text on Box Labels: Label Resizer enables you to add any informative text on your FBA Box labels. You can employ these free texts to enhance your FBA business.  You may put crucial additional information on Box labels These info might gather the attention of either your customer or shipping intermediary. 

  • Corresponding FBA Box ID, Merchant SKUs and Quantity on Shipping Labels: You also have the option to add Corresponding FBA Box ID, Merchant SKUs and Quantity info on Shipping Labels. These info will eliminate any failures and ease the FBA shipping preparation process. 

You just need to follow our simple How To steps or watch our tutorial videos to customize your FBA Box and Shipping Labels. 

Label Resizer is ready to support your Amazon FBA business. Just follow us for our near features...


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