Generic Warning Labels for Box Content

This article focuses on labeling your shipping boxes with informative and warning box content labels. To this end, Label Resizer has so called "Generic Labels" option to eliminate any failures and mistakes in your product and box labeling.

Label Resizer enables e-commerce sellers to print crucial warning and informative Generic Labels on either thermal or Avery type labels. You have wide variety options for Generic Labels together with full customization in adjusting your warning labels' sizes. We support both Inch and Metric systems to determine your label sizes. Generic Labels feature has great potential in limiting any possible failures and mistakes in your delivery process. To stick informative warning signs on your product packages enables you to prevent any disputes and legal issues with your customers and shipping providers like Amazon FBA. To reflect;

Shipping Lithium Battery
Shipping providers, like USPS, necessitate sellers to put the lithium battery mark on address side of product box containing battery. You need to put proper informative labels on your shipment boxes to prevent any disputes with your counterparts. Generic labels cover all ID number options with different battery and packing options: 

UN3480 - Lithium-ion Battery, 
UN3090 - Lithium Metal Battery,
UN3481 - Lithium-ion Battery contained in equipment, 
UN3481 - Lithium-ion Battery packed with equipment, 
UN3091 - Lithium Metal Battery contained in equipment,
UN3091- Lithium Metal Battery packed with equipment,
For more information about shipping battery contents please look at​​​​​​​ 

Wide Variety of Generic Labels
The list of current Generic Labels is long enough to cover wide warning and informative messages. However, we are open to add any new Generic Labels upon your request. Feel free to reach us.

You just need to follow our simple How To steps or watch our tutorial videos to employ Generic Labels option to arrange your informative warning labels in seconds.

Label Resizer is ready to support your e-commerce business. Just follow us for our near features...


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