Streamline FBA Process with Amazon Supply Chain Connect

As an FBA seller, the proper tools are needed (1) to save your time and (2) to more focus on growing on your FBA business. However, receiving orders is not enough in itself, you need to fulfill the product delivery process in a complete and error-free manner. To this end, Amazon has introduced another convenient way named as the Supply Chain Connect feature for FBA sellers to fulfill their shipments.

Amazon Supply Chain Connect

Supply Chain Connect enables FBA sellers to ship their inventory  to Amazon fulfillment centers directly from their suppliers. You just need provide access to Supply Chain Connect to your suppliers. The new FBA shipping program has great benefits: 
  • FBA suppliers, like manufacturers, freight forwarders and wholesalers, attain access to the Supply Chain Connect portal, where they can process any FBA shipments with greater accuracy.
  • Prompt email notification mechanism informs suppliers when FBA shipments are ready.
  • Process eliminates the burden of back-and-forth communications between FBA sellers and suppliers.
  • Suppliers easily enter box-content information and immediately download Amazon FBA product, box and pallet labels. 

Label Resizer is now on Amazon Supply Chain Connect to customize any FBA labels in seconds in line with the suppliers' need and preferences. Label Resizer is very easy to use, and it saves a lot of time while preparing Amazon FBA labels with accuracy.

As a supplier, you just need to follow our simple How To steps or watch our tutorial videos to employ Label Resizer features on Supply Chain Connect to arrange your product labels in seconds. 

More importantly, Label Resizer's unique features clearly support your supply business and boost the number of FBA sellers working with you. With Label Resizer;
  • You might employ our free header, footer and side texts on product labels to distinguish your FBA sellers working with you. Label Resizer has font size customization option for free texts. 
  • Add Separator Label option enables you to figure out end and starting points of different FNSKU groups. 
  • Item Number option limits any possible failures and mistakes in delivery process.
  • Label Resizer inserts complete product title as in the product listings. You do not need to look somewhere else or to frequently scan your labels to understand what you have put in your packages. 
Just follow us for our upcoming new features for Amazon FBA sellers.


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