Print Customized FBA Labels with Ink Jet or Laser Printers through Label Resizer

Don't you have a thermal printer to support your Amazon FBA business? Don't worry! Label Resizer introduces a new feature for Amazon FBA sellers especially with limited budget to fulfill their FBA operations.

Label Resizer now enables FBA sellers to customize and print their FBA labels on most common FBA UP Labels (Avery type labels) through their Ink Jet or Laser Printers just like Thermal Printers. Therefore, you do not need to buy thermal printer to employ extensive and unique features of Label Resizer. Just buy your preferred size FBA UP Labels and load them on your Ink Jet or Laser Printers. The rest is to employ unique features of Label Resizer.

Label Resizer supports the following FBA UP labels for Product and Shipment Labels with different sizes options, which are commonly employed by Amazon FBA sellers:

Using FBA UP labels with your Ink Jet or Laser Printers does not limit you in employing Label Resizer Unique Features. You can still

Label Resizer is ready to support your FBA business. Feel free to reach us to add new FBA UP label option or to request a new feature. We are very open to enhance our services in line with actual needs of our customers.

We have more Features at more Affordable Prices as compared to our peer companies. Follow us...


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