Label Resizer FBA Feature Series #3 - "Print Complete Title" and "Generic Labels" Options

As a FBA seller, you need to employ proper tools to save your time and to more focus on growing on your FBA business. The main FBA target is to drive traffic to product listings to secure FBA sales and revenue. However, receiving orders for your products is not enough in itself, you need to fulfill the product delivery process in a complete and error-free manner. This article dives into features provided by Label Resizer, which definitely supports your FBA success. 

Here are the unique features of Label Resizer that will help you to ease the FBA shipping preparation process and eliminate any failures and mistakes in your product labeling: (1) "Print Complete Title" and (2) "Generic Labels options. 

Print Complete Title

Amazon generates all product labels and barcodes in the same PDF file for all different products and for distinct customers. More importantly, Amazon shortens product titles on FBA labels. This in turn necessitates you to double check your product descriptions from your Amazon account in order to send correct ordered products. Shortened product titles urges you to give more attention and time to figure out which label belongs to which product. This process is complete time consuming and prevents you to focus on your actual targets. 
Label Resizer has the option to put complete product title on your FBA product labels. This feature inserts full product title as in your product listings. You do not need to look somewhere else or to frequently scan your labels to understand what you have put in your packages. Just look at your product labels resized and generated by Label Resizer.  

Label Resizer enables FBA sellers to print crucial Generic Labels. You have full customization option to adjust your Generic Labels sizes. We support both Inch and Metric systems to determine print sizes.

This feature has great potential in limiting any possible failures and mistakes in your FBA delivery process. To stick informative warning signs on your product packages enables you to prevent any disputes and legal issues with your customers and Amazon FBA processors. 

The list of current Generic Labels is long enough to cover wide warning messages. However, we are open to add any new Generic Labels upon your request. Feel free to reach us...

These are two options in Label Resizer's wide range of features. You just need to follow our simple How To steps or watch our tutorial videos to employ these features to arrange your product labels in seconds.

Label Resizer is ready to support your FBA business. Just follow us for further informative inputs for Amazon FBA sellers.