Label Resizer FBA Feature Series #1 - "Add Free Text Option"

Increasing your FBA sales is a tough process and you need to employ different forms of communication tools and methods to attract your customers. Here is the unique future of Label Resizer to support your FBA business: "Add Free Text to Labels Option". 

Label Resizer enables you to add any informative Header, Footer and Side Texts on your product labels. You can employ these free texts to enhance your FBA business. Here are the tips and practices to help you to boost your sales through Label Resizer Free Text option. However, the following practices are not limited. The only limit is your imagination. 

As the first practice, you can simply add your company name as an header text to enhance your company awareness among your customers. More importantly, the name of your company on your labels works as your signature and eliminates the possibility of shipment of your products to other individuals bought the same product from other FBA sellers. Furthermore, you may give crucial product details such as the production place and the expiration date for the product. These info might gather the customer attention and support your future demand. 

The second option might be in form of product label in the left. Ultimate objective of FBA sellers is to enhance sales volume and to increase the number of positive reviews with 5 stars. Label Resizer introduces another method to this. You can simply promote your sales through header texts like providing extra discount for the next purchase of customer with a customer defined promotion code on your product label. In a similar manner, you might direct your customers to leave reviews for your products with the promise of gift products.To this end, you can just add a footer informative text on your product label in seconds.    

As the last but not least practice of Free Text Option, you can provide a services for your customers to add any messages for recipients. This certainly has potential to increase your FBA business. Another informative note might be the customer service number to reflect how responsible seller you are for your customers. Since emotions are the huge part of the customer experiences, you can share your kind messages to your customers to guarantee customer loyalty for your future products. 

These are just limited practices for our Add Free Text option. The actual limit is your imagination. You can add any informative notes, messages and warnings for your customers on your product labels. You just need to follow our simple How To steps to arrange your product labels in seconds. 

Label Resizer is ready to support your FBA business. Just follow us for further informative inputs for Amazon FBA sellers.