Reasons to Use Thermal Printers in Amazon FBA Sales

Amazon FBA sellers are in need of using distinctive tools to enhance efficiency in their operations. FBA sellers have to deal with every aspects of FBA operations such as monitoring their inventory levels, determining their selling portfolio in line with recent demand preferences and dealing with suppliers to prevent any shortages in product levels. However, the most important aspect in Amazon FBA selling operations is to fulfill customers’ orders in a complete and timely manner to attain customers’ satisfaction and better reviews. To this end, one of the major components of FBA operations is to attach proper unique barcode label on each product unit, which can easily be readable and scannable to fulfill the shipment. Therefore, Amazon FBA shipment operations heavily rely on printers, which can be categorized under two most commonly used types namely (1) inkjet and (2) thermal printers. Each printer type has certain superiorities and shortcomings as compared to other depending on their application areas.

Reliable to Use Inkjet Printers in Amazon FBA?

Inject printers simply employ ink to print out documents including images, text or graphics, and are commonly employed in small offices, homes and commercial printing firms producing print outs with high quality images. The major superiorities of inkjet printer might be listed as;
  1. The cost advantage as compared to thermal printers since the inkjet printers and their spare parts are more widely available.
  2. Inject printers produce higher quality images.
However, the inject printers have certain drawbacks and disadvantages especially for Amazon FBA sellers;
  1. Ink-based print outs are more prone to lower image durability due to exposition to sunlight, moisture and humidity. 
  2. Inkjet printers are more prone to breakdowns due to having more moving components as compared to thermal printers. 
  3. Most importantly, the labels, signs and barcodes produced by inkjet printers do not have long term reliability, since they are more prone to tear down. 
  4. In addition to not having long term reliability and endurance, to print labels and barcodes through inkjet printers might also be time consuming, since you need to cut out labels and tape them on your product and shipping boxes on your own. Especially this method might be cumbersome for Amazon FBA sellers with great sales volume since your need for restocking peaks up incredibly.   

Superiority of Thermal Printers over Inkjet Counterparts

Thermal printers do not employ liquid ink, instead use tiny heating components to stimulate pigments on your print out paper. Thermal printers are extensively preferred and used to generate markers, alert signs, barcodes and shipping labels. The widely used type of thermal printers is in the form of direct thermal printer, which employs a thermal print head to darken chemically treated papers through heat. Therefore, thermal printers do not include any input materials and moving spare parts like toner, ink and cartridges as in ink jet printers. The sole need in using thermal printer is to buy heat sensitive labels in line your size preferences. We might highlight some major reasons reflecting the comparative advantage of thermal printers over inkjet counterparts.
  1. The print outs generated by thermal printers are more durable in different weather conditions. 
  2. The labels, signs and barcodes generated by thermal printers are more resistant to extreme storage conditions. 
  3. Third, thermal printers have very limited moving parts, which makes them having longer life time, easy maintenance pattern and providing more reliable solutions for heavy workloads. 
However, on the other hand thermal printers have also limited shortcomings and drawback as compared to inkjet printers. To point out them;
  1. The first complication of using thermal printers might be in the form of cost factor in a way that thermal printers have relatively higher prices. However, the recent reductions in thermal printers' prices have enabled to observe price levels around fifty dollars depending on trade mark. 
  2. The second drawback is the limited color, wax and resin choices especially due to the high heat generated by thermal printers. 
However, the Amazon FBA sellers are in need of printing barcodes and labels in limited color options mostly in black. Therefore, above noted disadvantages of thermal printers might not be regarded as severe shortcomings for Amazon FBA sellers. Amazon strongly urges FBA sellers to put a readable and scannable barcodes on their product units to enable storage at Amazon’s facility. Due to above noted superiorities of thermal printers, Amazon strongly advises FBA sellers to employ direct thermal printer, which can produce labels and barcodes sustaining readable and scannable pattern for more than 24 months. Amazon also provides labeling services for FBA sellers and put labels on products for a fee of $0.20 per item. As seen it is relatively costly as compared to printing your FBA labels on your own.  

Most Commonly Used Thermal Printers for Amazon FBA Labels

Amazon FBA sellers with growing sales volume need to employ thermal printers to print their product and shipping labels to maximize working efficiency, to prevent shipment errors and to optimize FBA process. Even if there exist wide options for thermal printer types, the most commonly used and preferred types are (1) Dymo and (2) Zebra desktop thermal printers, which are dedicated to print product and shipment labels with the exact amount of labels you need. Most widely used thermal printer models of Dymo and Zebra might be listed as DYMO LabelWriter 4XL and Zebra GC420d, which are generally preferred by small business and larger commercial operations respectively.

The standard shipping label size is 4”x 6” and thermal labels come on a roll including average 250 labels, which is can be replaced in your thermal printer in seconds. Furthermore, these labels have adhesive back, which can be pasted on any surfaces. Thus, you do not have to cut your labels and tape them on your product and shipment boxes. As seen thermal printers save a lot of your valuable time to be used for other aspects of Amazon FBA sales operations. 

However, Amazon creates labels (product barcodes, shipping labels, and LTL labels)  on US letter size and every pdf contains a different amount of labels. As a result, Amazon sellers have to handle these labels manually to print out such as cropping pdf file and setting different margins. Label Resizer eliminates this cumbersome process and enables you to customize and print any Amazon FBA labels in seconds.          

Label Resizer Prints Customized FBA Labels with Thermal Printer in Seconds

Label Resizer is a tool for Amazon FBA sellers and helps them to print any FBA labels directly from Seller Center through their thermal printer. Label Resizer basically resizes any Amazon label (product barcodes, shipping labels, and LTL labels) and makes them fit to your thermal printer label size.

In our solution, you just need to set your label size for your printer. Then, Label Resizer automatically parses pdf, gets labels, sets the size of the labels and margins. So you can directly print out your labels within seconds. It is very straightforward and easy to use, and it saves a lot of time while preparing your FBA barcode labels.

Label Resizer employs both browser extensions and Label Resizer web page to convert Amazon FBA labels in line your preferences. 

Through Extension

Label Resizer Extension locates "Resize Labels" button in your Amazon pages like Label Products, Print Labels for Individual Products and Prepare Shipment pages, as soon as you open up your Amazon Seller Central account. Just one click on "Resize Labels" button  generates the labels compatible with your thermal printers in seconds. 

Through Label Resizer Site

To convert your Amazon labels through our site, you just need to upload the pdf file generated by Amazon. Formatted labels are generated in seconds in line with your thermal printers' label size setup.

Label Resizer provides unique features at very affordable prices. To list major services by Label Resizer:
  • Works for every types of labels like FNSKU barcodes, shipping, product, LTL and box labels and supports all DYMO, zebra and other label sizes
  • Enables full customization for labels such as header, footer and side text to product label, informative icons and text attached to labels, colored labels, opt-in to print complete product title on the product labels
  • Adds new generic and customized labels through your request
  • Option to put item number on each product barcode label to keep track of how many you labeled or how many you put in a box
  • Option to put a special separator label between each series of FNSKU which makes it easy to see where each product barcode starts and ends
  • Has storage add-on to download your archived labels
  • Option to put Complete Product Title on your labels
Thus, Label Resizer is ready to support Amazon FBA sales and grateful to provide unique services with affordable prices for Amazon FBA sellers.


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